Project Name

"La Belle Epoque"

Materials used:

I used a patterned corset fabric and lined it with a cotton fabric, laced with ribbon

I have explored the La Belle Epoque era with influences of commodity fetishism and the second industrial revolution. I wanted to highlight the elegance of the period and portray a modern influence.

For my final piece I intended to embed principals of commodity fetishism during this time such as the obsession of the corset. The era was the driven by ‘living a lavish lifestyle’ so I wanted to select fabrics that that could represent this idea. I have also incorporated the second industrial revolution due to its development of the textile industry and inventions that changed fashion forever.
I was mostly inspired by Jeanne Paquin combine with Jeanne Margaine Lacroix as she popularised the figure revealing dresses by abolishing the corset.

Charles Frederick Worth had a massive influence into my creation. I was inspired by his use of enhanced delicacy that is shown within each of his garments. I wanted to develop my inspiration further by using an intricate design in the outer lining of my corset which appeals to my audience due to the representation of the lavish lifestyle.

Abigail Pavey


Fashion and Textiles, Year 1

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