Project Name

Gun Violence

Materials used:

Rayon with Mesh detailing, printed using Lino techniques, and adorned with a burnt bullet hole trim.

My investigation is inspired by ‘Gun Violence’.
I wanted to explore the implications of Gun Violence in the modern world and create a garment emphasising this. This project was heavily influenced by the media due to the history surrounding Gun violence, I wanted to create an haute courtier garment with deeper rooted meaning than just aesthetics.

The statistics of gun violence, especially in America, emotionally evoked me and left me feeling concerned and wanting to raise awareness.
100 Americans are killed every single day due to gun violence, that’s 36,383 per year. However my epiphany point was when I learned about a shooting that occurred at a toddler’s birthday. 7 people were shot and killed at the 2 year olds party which fuelled me to inform this horrifying issue, I wanted to create a garment that would spark conversation when worn. I hope it would change people’s views and their stance on gun control laws.

I was inspired by many artists throughout this project. Some haute courtyard and some for displaying the gruesome reality of Gun violence. The likes of Thierry Mugler, Benjamin Shine, Alexander McQueen, Balmain and Iris Van Herpen inspired me to manipulate materials and sparked haute couture design ideas. Where as both Haider Ackerman and Mowalola’s collection centred around guns or violence; I used there designs as a guide of how to evoke emotion and how to portray information using a garment.

Emma Byrne


Fashion and Textiles, Year 2

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