Project Name

Culture Clash - Art Noveau

Materials used:

Embroidered Bolero

For my Culture Clash I studied the beautiful Art Noveau period.

I was heavily influenced by the work of Alphonse Mucha and his vibrant designs combined with the modern-day fashion of Alice Archer, as her embroidery was a critical inspiration for my piece. I also chose two sustainable fashion brands, Amour Vert and Matt & Natas. T was my intention to interpret their eco-friendly ethos.

My main intention for this project was to create a bolero that had the same colours and patterns as the designs did in the Art Noveau period. The embroidered flowers were my interpretation of Muchas floral aesthetic using Archer’s hand embroidery techniques. I also responded to the impact that the isolation period has had on various supplies and used spare materials which were sourced from my house. This was another intention to respond in a sustainable fashion.

Emma Palfrey


Fashion and Textiles, Year 1

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