Project Name

Culture Clash - Art Nouveau corset

Materials used:

Corset made with decorative embroidered patches attached by a blanket stitch.

My Component 1 project was based on an investigation of The Art Nouveau period. While investigating I explored the different inspirations that the Art Nouveau artists were inspired by. These were things such as architecture, the Japanese block printing art and Botany. Personally, I felt like I most emotionally connected to the theme of Botany as in my day to day life I am constantly being amazed by the natural beauty that surrounds us. I was emotionally evoked by the way that the artists of the time were going against the regimented and mass-produced ways that art was produced before. They wanted to produce original ideas with stories and emotion behind it.

My intention with my final piece was to embed Botany into it clearly. While constructing my corset I had a few problems that needed solving. This was mainly because of the current global pandemic, which meant that my fabric deliveries did not arrive in time. Producing my corset while doing at home learning was challenging because I could have no interaction from a teacher. However, this just pushed my problem-solving skills and I have managed to produce a fully functioning garment with panels and a functioning clasp at the back.

Esme Burditt


Fashion and Textiles, Year 1

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