Project Name

Plastic Ocean

Materials used:

Lino Printed Chiffon with cotton, decorated with pearls and plastic ruching.

For my investigation I wanted to highlight my passion and love for the environment and decided to explore the topical issue of pollution in the oceans. I was Inspired by the Blue Planet ll, where David Attenborough identified the effect of plastic in the waters and the devastating problems it will have in our lifetime.

According to Attenborough he states that, “Surely we have a responsibility to care for our planet. The future of humanity and indeed all life on earth, now depends on us.” Which is why I wanted to raise awareness to this topic and recycle old material in my project to prevent waste.

I had been inspired by people like Emma Watson, who uses ethical and environmentally friendly materials in her clothes, such as dresses made from plastic bottles. Lucy Hughes created a plastic that was made from fish scales and that would biodegrade, and this inspired me to research plastic in the ocean and try to make people aware of this topic.

My idea was to make a garment that had the energy and movement of the ocean, which is why I developed the balloon sleeves and chiffon to give an ethereal aesthetic. The ruching is to symbolize the unwanted present of plastic in the ocean and the alarming degree of plastic which has begun to plague our planet. We must raise awareness and act in order to save our planet.

Lexi Mitchell


Fashion and Textiles, Year 2

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