Project Name

Androgyny – Blazer/Blazer dress

Materials used:


The theme I chose to look at for this project was “The journey of Androgyny”, which is the combination of male and female characteristics into one ambiguous form. I was intrigued to investigate this subject matter after looking at the trends from the 2019 Met Gala, which had the theme of Camp.
After looking at techniques I want to re-focus on clothing that can be adapted to be worn by either gender, I want to focus my attention on suit jackets and pussy bow blouses as these are both items that designers have adapted to be worn by either gender.
Once all my research and technique trialling has been done, I will focus on designing my final garment and creating my own pattern pieces for a garment that can be worn by either gender. I will also print my own fabric with a pattern I have designed inspired by my celeb references.

Lydia Cashmore


Fashion and Textiles, Year 2

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