Project Name

Culture Clash

Materials used:

Bleached Coral
Medium: 100% Acrylic yarn

My final year investigation was heavily influenced by nature. As my number one inspiration for fashion design I wanted a vague term so I could explore and experiment with the infinite colours, textures, shapes, patterns, etc found in nature. This eventually led me to study coral bleaching. To discover that these beautiful landscapes full of colour, texture and shape are being destroyed immediately evoked an emotional response that I wanted to convey. The intention with my final piece was to capture the stunning features of coral that caught my attention: the purple colour, voluptuous shape and curly texture. Whilst using a ombré palette to create the appearance of it being in the process of bleaching and it’s colour stripped away. It is my intention to raise awareness to this environmental issue of coral bleaching to inspire my audience to promote ‘change’.

Victoria Valentine


Fashion and Textiles, Year 2

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