Georgia Potts


Photography, Year 1

During my first year studying A level photography I have widely broadened my skills, knowledge on certain areas of the field and my creativity. I have created images in the darkroom using my own film, I can also edit using multiple soft wares such as photoshop and lightroom much more confidently then before. My favorite project was Commercial because of how creative and experimental I could be. The inspiration I have gathered from other photographers and the work I’ve done researching them has brought out and encouraged my own style of work and creativity that I used to struggle to find. Photographing and editing moments that are personal to me is important to me and is something I have always done and will continue to do through out my life because looking back at moments is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted because at one point it wasn’t possible.
Next Year I am planning to continue my A levels into year 2 and then I plan to apply to an apprenticeship in a creative marketing field

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