Sophie Gillett


Photography, Year 2

My final piece I wanted to explore the process of recovery and fighting mental illness, rather than the more negative side I had explored previously in my project. I used the images of a vase intact and then shattered to represent fighting and breaking free. The flowers are meant to represent an individual and the vase is meant to be the traps of mental illnesses (a new way to envision the caged metaphor). I chose dead flowers to represent how tiring this struggle can be: a struggle I have experienced myself. The title of this piece and the text featured within it, 'REACT/REVOLT' comes from one of my favourite songs by a band called Drahla. I decided to use this title and it allowed me to have a personal influence on my work. I thought it fit well within the theme of the piece as it suggests a riot and fighting mentality. I think the burnt edges also helped push this idea.

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