Zoe Jardis


Photography, Year 2

My Component 1 project worked with the idea of “Editorial” with close links to fashion photography/images fit to be in magazines as well as using the idea of youth culture. Within my investigations I experimented with different types of editorial work, models and looks to try and create a range of images that could all fit into the magazine criteria and looked professional but also each shoot could fit into different genres of editorial work. I created only digital work through photographs as well as creating short fashion films towards the end of this project. My work was predominantly inspired by Fumi Nagasaka, Tamas Sabo and Cass Bird.

The final outcome incorporates the concept of me creating a “dreamy” editorial styled piece of work through using multiple images from my final shoot as well as creating short fashion film to go alongside. This was achieved by creating a whole dreamy concept for my final shoot and then creating the images and videos and using photoshop and video editing software to help me to create the concept I wanted.

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