foundation diploma (pre-degree)

The UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design is an exciting, acclaimed and fast paced course led by practising subject specialists. Our aim is to develop individuality and expand creative and visual thinking through to Level 4; encouraging experimentation of varied materials and approaches. This challenging and exploratory UAL Foundation Diploma allows you to develop individuality and experiment with new ways of creative and visual problem solving. Throughout the year we offer dedicated support to cultivate your creative focus, and become an autonomous practitioner. This course offers the student another free year of education, giving you the opportunity and time to consider the next step of you career, whether that is your application to University, an apprenticeship or an alternative route into the creative industries. This industry is a vast and growing sector whose opportunities are wide and varied; your Foundation year will be the first significant step on this ladder and we are focussed on helping you decide on your future direction and our course will help you achieve your place within this aspirational industry.

ALEATORY [a-l-e-a-to-ry]

1. Dependent on chance, luck, or an uncertain outcome.

2. (adj) relying on chance or an uncontrolled element in

the details of life or in the creation of art.

Students on the UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (pre-degree) at Weston College have been given one week to respond to a project brief centered on the notion of Aleatory.

They already had some personal themes and points of interest, which have emerged from the proposals they are writing for their Final Major Study (which culminates in the Summer Show). However, there is a caveat: they must work within a 1ft cube. Aside from that they were allowed to work in any medium appropriate to their ideas. Indeed you will find a plethora of responses from 2D to 3D; digital to analogue; flat surfaces to suspended sculptures; visual and auditory; interactive and obscure.

The Aleatory Exhibition would normally take place at the Island Gallery in Bristol, but due to current circumstances, it is now in place at Loxton Campus. The students have been wonderful, showing their imagination and prowess and producing an exciting and vibrant show once again! Lockdown has been hard for all, but it can be very difficult to learn these practical skills from home, so now they are back, the students are creating great things again, in the workshops and the studios.

creative practice

A selection of work which demonstrates the range and variety of outcomes from the first term of Diagnostic Investigation into Creative Practice. The first term sees our students exploring the three Pathways of Interdisciplinary Fine Art, Surface & Form and Visual Communication. Students have selected work from the series of punchy 3-week projects and they are a visual feast of outcomes, visual experimentation, workshop pieces, sketchbook pages, installations and more. The work exhibited is in response to those project briefs: Observations & Perceptions, Out of the Ordinary, Layers and TEXTED.

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