Helen Marsland


Art & Design Part-Time

Project Title: A Subterranean Journey
I have always been inspired by nature and its wonders. My current project focuses upon the natural subterranean world and the creatures that live there. Using this idea, I turned my attention to the garden as a reference point to initiate my study.
I became fascinated by the worms, spiders and crustaceans, but became intrigued by the gastropod mollusc, commonly known as the Slug. I am mesmerised by the slug: its bright to camouflage colours, its morphing shape, its primordial history, its intelligent behaviour and medicinal qualities.
The media I have used to develop my concept has been a mix of clay to create forms that symbolise my gastropods and photography so I can manipulate light and create an environment for my sculptures to live in. I am not opposed to digital computers, but I prefer to stage set my work using a manual set up of coloured lights, glass, mirrors and backdrops to explore and experiment with light. In this my aim is to create photographic images that are distorted and illusionistic landscapes which are alluring and wonderous.

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