Julia McCouaig


Art & Design Part-Time

‘For my FMP I’ve used my own journey from the past 20+ years which has changed dramatically due to health and other problems. My journey thru this period has always been depicted in my art as a face and during this past college year I’ve discovered through talking to our tutor Kate that this face is me.

In the beginning the eyes were always closed but later (and after taking part on a course that turned my life around) I was able to paint the face with her eyes open for the first time. My tutors encouraged me to research other artists and methods that I might use to depict the pain and fogginess that I was describing to them. These symptoms had been a major part of my journey up until correct diagnosis in 2019 and new medicine also changed my world for the better. Coming to college was a big part of the next stage of my journey.

The images I’m showing are my way of describing the inner feeling of being there but not there. I’ve used simple methods and materials, tracing paper, lining paper, wire, foam core, a small led torch and my washing line to produce these images. The seagull in flight photo describes my feeling of freedom from my past life whilst giving a sense of hope for my future journey.’

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