Hannah Flowers


Art & Design Level 2

Gravity? What's Gravity?
I enjoyed learning some of the fundamentals of art, like perspective and anatomy, life drawing and still life drawing this year. The theme we were given for our final outcome this year was Journey, I decided to take it in the direction of surrealism, particularly a dream I once had where I had to go on a journey to find my brother whilst being pulled up by gravity instead of down. It was a very strange dream. There was a squirrel. It was cute. I sketched out my image in pencil first on A4, then decided I wanted it to be bigger than that so I blew it up to A3. I then used a light box and on a new A3 sheet, I traced over the sketch, this time using fine liners. I coloured it in with coloured pencils and decided then to keep the perspective grid to be like tiles, because having a tiled forest floor makes it even more surreal. Finally I had to do the sky and decided to use blue chalk pastels, as the texture would be a lot smoother than if I used coloured pencils for it.

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