James Davis


Art & Design Level 2

My Home
My theme was originally going to be interiors and how they’ve changed over the years, however due to COVID-19 things changed. Due to me having a sleeping pattern of an owl I started going on walks in the morning, meaning I could see sunrise and have the opportunity to take pictures that not many would be able see due to them being asleep. Hence why my theme changed to my home and the environment around it.

My inspiration was myself, due to being up at such early hours and having nothing to do, I would go on walks and runs to keep myself occupied. Doing this I got the opportunity to see amazing sunrises. Nature can be taken for granted a lot of the time so it’s nice to appreciate your surroundings, especially at times when no one is around to disturb anything. My work was created with my phone, an iPhone XR. I’ve had this phone for a few years now, although the camera isn’t in its best condition, I still got to capture some amazing photos.

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