Rhianna Gardner


Art & Design Level 2

The battle of pearl and midway, Vasily’s Chernobyl
My theme for my outcome is the story of Pearl Harbor/Midway and Chernobyl. The reason to why I chose these was due to the historical importance they have, for example , when the Imperialist Japanese navy attacked the USA’s naval dock “Pearl Harbor” it lead to America joining world war 2 and resulted in one of the largest air craft carrier battles in history – The battle of Midway.
Whereas for Chernobyl I wanted to focus on one person which was Vasily Ignatenko, instead of focusing on a collective amount of people. Despite Vasily not having a major role in the story of Chernobyl's history he does show us the importance of why nuclear power plants need to be contained in a safe way and what happens to people when it's not contained, which is clearly shown by how he died within 2-3 weeks' time after the accident. I want to be able to recreate the physical effects of ARS that Vasily obtained.
for my Chernobyl project, I was inspired by HBO’s tv series of Chernobyl which explains why the accident happened, who was involved, and the response gave by the USSR government. I found the representation of Vasily’s story heartbreaking, but I didn’t think they featured his story and suffering enough to show the devastation caused by this disaster.

For Pearl Harbor, I was inspired just by historical context. I've always enjoyed learning about naval ships and fights during WW2 so being able to use my own knowledge for both of these made it a lot easier to show the journey of this sad moment in history and the response given by the United states. For Midway, I also used my historical knowledge of ships and I referred to the 2019 movie ‘Midway’ which is a dramatic history film following the Pearl Harbor attack and how the Americans planned the revenge at the legendary Midway island. I also used this film to learn more about the USS enterprise cv-6, which was used as the main aircraft carrier for the United States fleet and how I could represent her within my photos.

I created both projects by doing extensive research, both medical and historical to make sure I could perfectly show the themes. Both used photography, editing and makeup in different ways.
For Pearl Harbor I used a handmade costume that I crafted and modeled for a poster like image. I edited the image so the colours were a lot brighter than the original image; I added text in the same font as many anti-imperialist posters did in America after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

For Midway, I used the USSR enterprise model I made as part of one of my hobbies, I edited it on a background I also drew on Krita. I used a second image of myself to make it look like I was a pilot on board the enterprise as they head onwards to Midway. I used Photoshop to brighten the colours.
Lastly for Chernobyl, I did a 2-3 part make up look showing each stage of Vasilys death, I used special effects to show this. I used Krita and Photoshop to edit the images, so they looked more realistic. I also grained stage 3 images, so they looked like the images that the USSR took. I also used a Hazmat suit for stage 1 and 2.

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