Aaron Sutton


Art & Design Level 3 Year 1

For this project, I made 2 canvas with 3 weapons on a shield on the first one and on the second has a bow and spear on. How I got the idea for them is because of my interest in weaponry, this is something i have been interested in in the past few years. My last final piece was 3 swords and one of them was the Zora Bora sword. I thought about doing about do a series of weapons known as the Zora Bora weapons but I got idea form the 4 cardinal weapons. The 4 weapons that change history and are the bases for every weapon, even the ones we use today. Throughout my work, I have been inspired by an anime studio called A1 Pictures. I want my artwork to have an anime feel and I think I have done this. I used acrylic paint and a pro maker pen to create the 3 weapons on the canvas. Overall, I feel these paintings were successful because the red and blue on the weapons stand out from the greys and the blacks. It stands out to me and makes them look like they could be from any point in history.

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