Bethany Walker


Art & Design Level 3 Year 2

The subject of my work was based around nature and ‘home’. I used a range of materials including fabric paint, acrylic paint, oil paint and white spirit, canvas, wooden slate and fabric to make my artwork. I mainly painted copying straight from a photo onto the chosen material I did a bit of sewing as well, and I used something I did a while ago in college where I painted with ink on to a piece of paper and got it under the heat press to print onto a polyester fabric (the lily pad and pond artwork). The Swan artwork, I copied from a photo using acrylic first then going over with oil.

Some artists that inspired me were Mary Katranzo, Ben Nicholson, Karin Olah, Peter LanyonI enjoyed the process very much thanks to Kate! Who helped me through all of it, I enjoyed seeing my artwork come to life onto garments from my paintings to Photoshop.

Overall, I felt it was a successful piece because it looks great and will help me in future. I’m going to University to do fashion design and will help me develop my ideas.

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