Briony Sheppard


Art & Design Level 3 Year 1

In my project Journey, I started with the idea of taking photos of people using public transport on their journey. However, during the project the world was hit with a pandemic COVID-19, resulting in me having to completely change direction. This huge roadblock may have seemed impossible to pass, but it gave me an idea, why not make my project about the new journey that everyone is embarking on together?
My two final selected photos symbolize the change we’ve all had adapted to. From the busy daily commute in the city, to working at home in quarantine. Where the only travel being taken is from the bed to your computer. Where you once had a strong daily schedule, to now working any hour of the day. I chose these photos because I believe they capture this new way of living perfectly. With the busy photo of a man waiting to get the bus to go to work during rush hour, contrasted by a quiet and empty photo of my dad working late into the night through the office window at home.
I’ve always been inspired by two photographers, Sarah M Lee (2017) and Bruce Davidson (80’s), of which I incorporated their styles into my work throughout. (See reference below)
Sarah M Lee:
Bruce Davidson:

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