Bryony Boardman


Art & Design Level 3 Year 2

Looking back at life before lockdown I was living my best life in LA with my friends. This painting is of my favourite photo I took on the trip when visiting Venice beach. I have portrayed myself in the style of a Hayden Williams type illustration, on top of the painting. Cutting out a top and a skirt to create some kind of visual in my interest in fashion and to portray that a part of me will have a love for LA. Creating this piece of art has made me realise how much I miss ‘normal life’ and how I can’t wait to travel different parts of the world again.
My scond piece if of my cat Mils. Throughout lockdown I lost my cat Milly of 18 years. This painting is special to me as it is inspired by the last photo I took of her the night before she passed. I’m in comfort of that my last memory of milly was her cuddled up in my blanket while her paw was wrapped around my finger. I wanted to create something sentimental for my family as she’s been a part of us as long as I have!

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