Chelsea Hutchinson


Art & Design Level 3 Year 1

The topic of my final piece is journey. The journey I decided to explore was the journey of someone that has Alzheimer’s or dementia as people all over the world suffer with some kind of brain disease. I thought it would be good to explore this in my artwork.
I recognise that the younger generations are passionate about mental health and want to spread the message to help highlight the issue. I thought what better way to do that then with fashion and to combine mental and physical health with something everyone wears every day of their lives.
My main idea was going to be a fashion garment I was going to screen print on fabric using images of brain scans. I was later going to sew on them to make it stand out and give it shape. Due to Corona Virus, the college has been closed. I had to adapt my idea to fit the materials I had at home so I decided to draw my final piece and then I realised that I could make designs of my clothes and then I could add drawing of brains. This is how I created my final piece.

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