Ellen Harding


Art & Design Level 3 Year 1

Within my artwork, I like to express myself with photography and drawing. When I draw, I mainly use pencil. I have experimented with different methods but have found I am mostly confident with pencil. Using this technique, I find it easier to add tone and highlights.

In this project, I focused on my cousin Oscar. He was born without the tibia bone in both of his legs and both of his feet were turned over. He had to have both of his legs amputated. As a family we have worked hard to raise money for his condition. He will soon get prosthetic legs so he can live his life without limitation. In my work, I have created in depth research into how society had treated disabled people in the past and want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

I feel if I knew more about how the body worked, I could help Oscar and look into making prosthetics. I have been influenced by artists such as Da Vinci who researched the body to better understand it.

In my final piece, I decided to design some prosthetic legs based on Oscars favourite characters. This allowed me to combine my style with the prosthetic legs. I enjoyed doing these drawings but that look me a long time as I did not want there to be imperfections. When designing the legs, I took influence from Oliveria De Barate who designs prosthetic legs in an artistic way that are personalised the user.

I have enjoyed this project because it involved Oscar. However, I did find it hard because I am a perfectionist. Overall, I feel that Oscar would like these designs. In the future I would like to carry on designing prosthetic legs and understand how to make them better.

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