Ellen Sparey


Art & Design Level 3 Year 2

For my final piece, I created a poster for a murder-mystery concept set in the 1960’s.
The piece is about a detective in the 1960’s who must solve a mystery of the murder of a houseowner. The other four people who live in the house are the witnesses. The man wearing a fedora is the detective, the woman holding a broom is a maid, the man holding a towel is the butler, the men wearing a chef’s hat is a chef, the lady in a spotty dress is the housewife and the man in the orange suit is the houseowner and victim. Behind them is the house where the crime took place.
I used Medibang Paint Pro and Fire Alpaca to draw my piece digitally.
I explored 1960’s culture and reflected that research in my character designs, house design and colour palette choices. I named the piece ‘Sixties Murder House’ as a play on words of the popular 1960’s toy, ‘Barbies Dreamhouse’. The house is loosely based off the dreamhouse.
The piece turned out successful, especially with the human anatomy, colours, and outlines.

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