Ellie Morgan


Art & Design Level 3 Year 2

I painted a dragon as a symbol of the theme in my project. A personal exploration of what degree we are separate from animals in a physical, social, behavioural, and psychological level, and what has caused humanity’s social separation from other animals with civilisation and culture, but people still act with animal behaviour unknowingly. I coupled this theme with an aesthetical section where I looked at how people have used animals as symbolism, particularly with representing human traits. Mirroring this, the dragon can be a figurative presentation of wise, intelligent models, but also bestial, aggressive models too, like humanity. The earthen style I have applied reflects on the earth, nature, in a time deprived of it. Furthermore, my collage combines ocean imagery and fish collating to symbolise a reflective state: I visualize floating within the deep ocean, time stops. Likewise, a state I have been undergoing with being in my home much more.

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