Ieuan Savory


Art & Design Level 3 Year 1

My FMP piece was based off psychedelic and creepy art of a portrait of myself. I looked up many things like 60s hippie era and the human mind. To give me ideas for my work. I used many materials, such as pens and pencils. I used these materials to give my artwork a colourful yet creepy feel almost like a bad trip.

I overcame many problems during my FMP. Since we’re on lockdown. My supplies were low. I didn’t have my drawing pens. So, I made use of whatever I had like pencils and pens. Also scrap and junk. My inspirations were Tim Burton and Peter Blake. They helped give me ideas of what I want to make. I am also inspired by the hippie era of the 60s. Overall, I enjoyed my work I made.

I am pretty proud of my 3D model and my final piece. I thought it was pretty successful. I don’t really have any other ideas to come next with my artwork but I probably just more spooky themed art.

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