Kiz Thomas


Art & Design Level 3 Year 2

My main art focus is creating sculptures which are really just normal objects but with imagination can become something more. This concept is what made me want to look at Jim Henson’s work to see how he brought these objects to life creating the illusion of life right in-front of you although these creations where sparked from a lump of foam and Henson’s imagination. This is how I came to the theme of my project ‘How Movie Props Change Throughout Time’, where I looked at films like Gremlins, Jaws and of course Labyrinth which helped me have a better understanding of how puppets and animatronics are created and the inspiration behind them. From this research I created a puppet called Randy who was inspired by a fly agaric mushroom. He is made from expanding foam and covered with a layer of fleece and finished off with a handmade blue shirt with mushroom detailing on the cuffs and collar which tie in with his latex mushroom on top of his monstrous head.

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