Lauren Adams


Art & Design Level 3 Year 1

For this project, I decided to explore a personal topic ‘Forgiveness’. This is a topic that allowed me to research a wide range of events, where people have found their self in a devastating situation, over time hey gained the power of resilience and patience to forgive. The power of forgiveness is a self healing and empowering process that changes your perspective and shapes you as a person, making you stronger. This piece is based on the four stages of forgiveness: Hurt, Hate, Heal, Move on. I thought this would be best portrayed as a cushion because, in traumatic times you rely on comfort and support to help you get through it. This cushion is made out of hessian fabric, which is the only fabric I had, in which itself has some connections to comfort through the environment that we are living in. I have researched the likes of Frida Kahlo who has been through a lot of trauma in her life time. I was careful of what colours are used for the words on this cushion: I use red and green for hurt and hate as they portray pain and envy. Then I used yellow and white as they are healing colours that’s resemble hope and new beginnings. Overall, I am happy with my final piece as I think it captures all the elements I wanted to portray. I did have a little bit of difficulty along the way but in the end it all came together and without these blips I wouldn’t have learnt from this experience discussion was a process of journey itself.

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