Lola Day


Art & Design Level 3 Year 1

What I have made here, is a haunted fort. I decided to do this as I couldn’t do my other ideas due to lock down and being unable to order the foam that I would need. I also want to pursue a career in Games & Animation so decided to work on my digital skills.
I created this using Maya, a 3D animation program that is widely used in the game and animation industry. I created the fort using the Polly modelling tool to make the base shapes and adjusted their sizes accordingly. From there I added a lambert texture so the faces wouldn’t reflect light. Once I had added al the textures on to the shapes, I had to worry about the lighting on the scene. This took me a while because I had to constantly adjust the light level so that it would be good because if it was too bright you would not see the shames and the textures only a bright light and respectively if it was too dark you would not see anything. Once I had the lighting down, I was then free to render it and look at the final piece which looked like this. Overall, I feel that it was a successful final outcome.

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