Mia Mansell


Art & Design Level 3 Year 1

My final piece shows the evolution of humans, this is shown with the human skull merging from the ape skull. I also focused on the current crisis going on (Covid-19) this is shown in the flowers all around, some have masks on some are not smiling due to the situation however there is one flower smiling making the most out of a bad situation.
The materials I used for this project were pencils for the skull and gouache paints. I used pencils for the skull because I wanted to create depth in the piece by using white pencil for the highlights and black pencil for the shadows these together give lots of depth and contrast . I used gouache paints for the flowers because the it is easier to blend.
The piece is inspired by Surrealist Art. I took a lot of inspiration from Salvador Dali and his artwork “the persistence of memory” I liked how he made the clock look like it was melting over the table and wanted to capture the same feel with the two skulls merging together.
I loved making the art work and the process. I think this piece is very successful and it’s exactly how I wanted it to turn out I am very proud of this piece and hopefully I could develop it even more in the future.

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