Sam Dean


Art & Design Level 3 Year 2

For my final piece, I wanted to initially create a set of a landscape that I found particularly interesting while taking a walk. I drew the landscape and later created a set using items that were laying around the house. I had high hopes of capturing the mood and aesthetic look of the landscape using shades of grey. I believe the reason why I took such a interested and passionate approach to recreating this scene was because it had recently rained and the dull colours of grey above the buildings added a calming and refreshing aesthetic that stood out to me.

This final piece also ties into my interest of interior design because In the end, it’s all about the Space and Light and the ability of both Interior Designers and Architecture to use the natural aspects of nature to invoke emotions. For the materials I chose to use for my Final Piece, I wanted to use watercolours because the entire reason I wanted to use this particular landscape was because of the rain and the piece should represent that texture and light colours.

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