Sky Street


Art & Design Level 3 Year 2

I have always been fixated by true crime documentaries and books. I have always wondered what drives a person to do the unthinkable heinous act of killing, torture and evilness. I have discovered 3 elements that define serial killers. For example, Jeffrey Dahmer and Luka Magnotta killed animals before killing humans. I’ve included animals features onto a human’s portrait, the animal is a symbol of a starting point for killers.
I was inspired by Ed Gein he spent is life in a abusive household with an overbearingly religious mother. When his mother died in 1945 cops broke into his house to find jars of organs and stretched over skin to from furniture. I took this idea and used glue and different paints and makeup to create different skin tones to portray the story of Ed Gein.
In the last element within my piece is the different colour threads around the faces. These represent brain scans. The lack of colour shows the minimal ethical behaviour, moral decision-making and impulse control.

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