Vicky Kimmish


Art & Design Level 3 Year 2

This piece of art I have created symbolises dreams. I wanted to create a piece of artwork that can be viewed and interpreted in different ways by making the sky both light and dark and the face being neither happy or sad. This artwork purposely consists of a large amount of sky above to represent the feeling of endless freedom and escape, much like what you might experience within your dreams. However, my piece can also be viewed as a bad dream a because the sky has dark clouds which indicates the stormy situations in your life or represent a scary darkness coming. The girl shown is in water as I often have bad dreams about dying in water, although, the water is still therefore it could be viewed as peaceful. I have chosen to paint the eyes with no iris as you’re not in control of dreams or your body whilst asleep as if you’re possessed. This also represents how your eyes roll to the back of your head when asleep.

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