Zoe Milne


Art & Design Level 3 Year 1

These are my final pieces, I decided to draw in my speciality; Digital art. The first piece was a conceptual landscape with inspiration from the lake district and the Brecon Beacons. I wanted to explore painting styles and create a cinematic-like inspiration. I feel that I could have spent more time with colour theory in making the atmosphere more refined. Overall, I admire the concepts and gained more experience in natural landscapes and a challenge out of my concept zone.
The second piece is a portrait themed ‘Acceptance’. It’s a portrait I painted digitally in a mix of processes to achieve a stylized result. The strengths of this piece was my colour theory and the use of flowers and their way of nonverbal communication was a key element to this piece as a reminder of self-love and validity; However I could improve on this piece with experimenting with composition and varying the thickness of the line art.

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