Alexander Knox


Visual Communication

What started as an exploration of tactile graphics, exploring texture in design and the connotations of touch became significantly transformed due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Social distancing has restricted our day to day lives for a greater good. I aimed to explore our developing relationship with touch over the past months. Some of us long for touch, separated from our loved ones and some of yearn for the sensations we take for granted. Paranoia, understandably, creeps into our minds. In my research I spoke to friends and family, finding a common thread of struggling with a sense that we associate with comfort becoming a risk to indulge in. Furthermore, our idea of “touch” evolves through technology. We interact with the outside world more than ever through a digital lens. This influenced me to work digitally and tied into the original concept of how to incorporate texture into graphic design. The fingerprint is the ultimate symbol for touch, like a foot print our actions can be traced through touch and it is important during these times we are mindful of where our touch has been. These works are conceived as poster designs to raise awareness during the pandemic.