Alice Watts


Surface and Form

The theme of my project is ‘Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia’. A futuristic dystopian world really fascinates me and the nearing possibility of it occurring. The global corona virus pandemic has made this feel even more realistic, almost as if I am living and breathing my project. I really optimised this current situation, delving into what we are experiencing, the rareness and oddity of it all, yet so perfectly timed for the creation of my work. Due to lockdown I had a limited amount of resources available, so I had to use whatever I could find. All my pieces are made from scraps and recycled materials, such as old jeans, bras and underwear re-imagined and given a new life. I think this is important to do as a designer being aware of our planet, but it also adds to the post-apocalyptic narrative I am trying to convey, breathing new life into old things as nothing is available. I would describe my final series of work as caged within this environment, optimising availability of limited resources, exploiting chaotic simplicity, exploring the mind of isolation, oblivion of the human race as we know, stepping through the gate way to our distorted dystopian future.