Christopher Bedingfield


Visual Communication

My theme for the project was to show lots of different angles of portraiture in which I think I have successfully done. In these three images you will see different emotions, personalities and looks using different approaches. I wanted to create natural emotions within my work and show the essence of a person. I did this by interacting with my models and creating a relaxed atmosphere around my shoots, doing this made me feel that I could get the maximum out of the subject and allow them to be themselves during the photo shoot. The first image is of my lovely grandparents. I was on my way to delivering them food and thought that it would be a great opportunity to get some documentary style photos and that is how I captured this great image. The next image is off my great friend Julia, she really does not like getting her photo taken, so my aim for this shoot was to get her to smile or laugh knowing that this would capture the true her. The last image was inspired by a music video and then I encouraged the model to react in whatever way they wanted to, resulting in this dramatic shot.

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