Connor Spearing


Interdisciplinary Fine Art

My project began by exploring the ideas and emotions of missed opportunity, regret and unfulfilled ambitions. However, through this quarantine isolation period my project has shifted about to many varying places finally arriving at a more experimental and somewhat less bleak place. Exploring and embracing colourful imagery and expressing surrealism has become a focus of this recent work while continuing to implement elements of general unease through simple paintings and finding out what I can express with limited block colour paint. With some focus on smaller details, such as the empty eyes of the subjects, perhaps reflecting some sense of vague sadness works to create an unease about the images in contradiction to the colourful and whimsical abstract environments I have attempted to portray.
Inspirations for this small collection of works come from Karel Appel's bright and expressive imagery, most importantly the line he tows between recognisable humanoid features and pure abstractions of reality.