Daniel Stewart


Visual Communication

My project, Lost in Translation, was an exploration into our country’s infamous inability to speak other languages and how typography could be harnessed to highlight this issue in attempt to promote the learning of languages. I am typically confined to the computer when creating my artwork, but for this project I aimed to step away from what I was familiar with, as I did for the Aleatory exhibition. This then proved to be a challenge once lockdown began…. leading me to the idea of an animation. Though still digitally based, it was still something completely new to me and learning it, even just the basics, would widen my practical skills going into university this September. Brainstorming storyboards, I decided to base my animation on some of my earlier research which found that the British economy loses £50bn a year due to lack of languages in the workforce. This wouldn’t be too complex to portray but still allowed me to be creative in how I could harness typography and moving image together. Despite lockdown and its limits, I’ve still enjoyed this project, teaching me new skills and challenging my creative problem solving in unfamiliar media.