David Jones


Visual Communication

I have created four digital illustrations which are inspired by, and are a contemporary portrayal of, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in relation to Covid-19. My self-portraits add a personal element, visually and emotionally. I made my illustrations via photoshop, practising drawing on screen. Pestilence is Covid19 itself. I want the observer to consider that without the support of ventilation, we may be powerless to survive the virus. The medical mask is a form of defence in our war against the invading virus. I have used a solid red background to portray intensity and danger. I have framed the image with barbed wire to represent our capture. My Famine is not being able to see family and friends. Muted colours reflect my weakened interaction, and cables signify my new ‘wired in’ dependency on all kinds of social media. My final image is the most poignant. I have used red again on the lifeline against a solid black background. I wanted to emphasise the depletion of energy and the negativity and finality of death. The opacity I have used represents life fading away until my face becomes the mask which Death now hides behind.