Elisha May Pennington


Surface and Form

My project is based around the effects that social media has on us. I wanted to dig deeper on the effects of isolation, reliance on social media and feeling as if we should be ‘perfect’. I am portraying these effects through my pieces in a merger of mixed media and illustration.
My images depict a mixture of addiction, loneliness, self-image, self esteem and imposed thoughts on perfection. I am also attempting to capture the fact that dependence on social media can take over your life and you can miss out on the happiness and truths that really exist. Through my research and my personal findings, social media has many of us believing that all these ‘natural beauties’ on our social medias are actually ALL natural. There always seems to be a perfect body type and a way to look and be attractive. Social media addiction is putting us under pressure that we should not be experiencing. We need to celebrate the real person within us and realise that social media is mostly false and idealism.

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