Ella Benton


Visual Communication

This series of photos is the culmination of my project based on confidence, and my goal from the beginning was to focus on how that related to beauty. I wanted to promote the message that we place too much importance on it, and why should we? Therefore, the beginning of this project revolved around the idea of gaining confidence based on what we can do, and the people that we are. Towards the end of my project I began to drift towards focussing on nature, and the way that we see it as beautiful even though it is not perfect, and why we cant take that point of view when we look at each other. This resulted in a series of photographs that attempt to blend people with nature. Each shoot is based around something that the person in it is insecure about, or has been teased about, (e.g. my brother for his white eyelashes and brows) and perceived ‘flaws’ have been left in.