Ella Clarke


Visual Communication

Throughout this project, I have been researching and discussing our societies attitudes and behaviours towards alcohol. It was important, to me, that I researched meticulously, as this is a sensitive subject matter and thus demands an accurate, nonpartisan, depiction about how, as a collective society, we have normalised an inherently unhealthy drinking culture to the point of glorification – and how damming this can be to those around us. The repercussions of casual alcohol abuse seem to be almost intrinsic within the lives of many Britons, spanning all ages and socioeconomical backgrounds, and I feel extremely zealous about there being an improved educational system in place, in order to raise awareness and educate from an early age about a subject so rarely spoken about, yet so prevalent in our day to day lives. In response to my research, I have designed a campaign that aims to highlight some of the unobserved signs of alcohol abuse and its subsequent affects to individuals, families and communities as a whole.