Ella Newth


Interdisciplinary Fine Art

Thought the past few months, I have taken this time to create different forms and vessels through the medium of ceramics. I was initially inspired to make more organic vessels, as this has been something that I have thoroughly enjoyed in the past and I like to refer to the environment and issues regarding it in my pieces. I then began to make a series of small pots which, when photographed together, can suggest a visual metaphor for us being isolated at this moment in time, but also being part of a larger society, and the pots shown together also can resemble a hive. I decided to add colour by dipping/poring paint over the multiple vessels, and with the organic forms, on each one I used either warm or cool tones so that it would show a clear contrast between the colour palette of the pieces in the photos. Despite the obvious lack of materials that I had at home, I feel that I ended this project on high note working in a medium that I particularly love, and I am thoroughly looking forward to exploring even more three-dimensional work during the Artist Designer Maker degree that I am starting next year at Cardiff Metropolitan University.