Ellie Gubb


Interdisciplinary Fine Art

My theme for this project is repetition.
The meaning of this has developed as the project has continued because my daily life has changed. Whilst “repetition” initially referred to repeating processes and ideas, it has manifested into the repetition of my day. Spending every day in my house, surrounded by the same things, the same people, the same routine. My processes have been limited to what I can do inside of my tiny box bedroom, with whatever resources I can find. This led to me working digitally for a lot of the project and finding resources for collages online. The pieces that I’ve selected to show are made from a combination of images taken at the start of my project, with processes that I’ve learned along the way and resources that I’ve found. This project has been difficult for many reasons such as struggling to find motivation and inspiration, however, I feel like I have improved in being able to trust myself in the work that I choose to create and would be satisfied with having made any work at all during these difficult times, let alone some that I’m proud of.