Emily Clapson


Interdisciplinary Fine Art

Fundamental elements of our world stripped back

Through this project I intended to strip back our world into much simpler forms. Originally I had planned to study the movements of densely populated areas, recording the objects and people we usually overlook. However, when the current situation came into place and I was restricted to my immediate surroundings, I was led to looking at the sky from my bedroom window.

My final paintings developed from an early continuous line drawing of the clouds I observed passing by, in the space of 2 minutes. I worked with restricted colour palettes which I had sourced from my immediate view, exploring warm and cool colour palettes. The three paintings come together through shared fluid lines, whilst remaining as individual paintings. Using restricted resources, I worked on scrap pieces of wood and mdf board. The natural grain and colour in these random pieces had a natural beauty, which worked harmoniously with the painting’s palettes and form. These areas of negative space help to create balance between the alternating colour palettes.