Emily Furneaux


Visual Communication

From a scientific point of view, there is very little understanding of how thoughts are formulated and processed, and how two different people do not think in exactly the same way. I Think explores the seemingly mundane thoughts of everyday life and turns these into visual representations. The aim of this project was to explore trains of thought and the mental conversations we have with ourselves about whatever topic is on our mind; I chose embarrassment, being in love, physical sensations, and distractions. I chose to incorporate words into some of my images to best convey the train of thought and conclusions people draw from a single passing thought or state of mind, as well as subverting typical colour palettes for these states of being, e.g using grungy colours to represent love. I Think helped me gain a better understanding of my own thought train, as well as the negative connotations that positive emotions can bring depending on previous experiences that shape the way we think and perceive life.