Emma Byrne


Visual Communication

My work is centred around the theme ‘Organised Chaos’ and the current situation we are facing is just that, both chaotic and about as organised as it can be. I decided to portray the pandemic photographically as I wanted to capture a different aspect of Lockdown in every image.
Top Left represents how trapped people have felt, not able to leave our houses the doorstep the furthest we can go. Although not literal, many people have confined themselves not stepping outside.
Top Right represents the organisation that has occurred throughout. Whether it’s the plans the government put in place to keep us safe or the way the public has responded to them. Staying orderly and at a distance from one another.
Bottom Right is of an ambulance because the main motto ‘Protect the NHS, Save Lives’. It was essential the hospitals did not become overrun and had the facilities to treat all patients.
Bottom Left this image shows the negative side of lockdown the chaos that is caused, people not distancing, throwing parties and going against government advice. The layout causes your eye to follow a loop, relating to how repetitive many days have felt and the constant cycle of things happening.