Eva Caycho


Surface and Form

Just after finishing school at the age of 17, Verity, my dear friend, was diagnosed with Stage 1 Grade 3 Ovarian Cancer. Verity had a tumour the size of a rugby ball removed. She then needed to start chemotherapy. During all this, Verity remained strong, confident and an inspiration to every one of her friends and her family. She inspired me to create this cloak, embedded with memories of our friendship, her experience, torment and struggle of fighting cancer, and stories of other young people who must face this disease. I have used the words and emotions that Verity has told me about her personal experience to try and comprehend what cancer is, and what she uses to comfort and protect herself from the side effects of chemotherapy and the mass of drugs she must take. I also wanted to try and express what cancer patients and survivors must now face during this Coronavirus crisis, with the lack of testing and scans, potentially being cast aside as this disease plagues the country.

You can help young people like Verity receive treatment during isolation, by special support nurses and workers by donating to the teenage cancer