Gilly Feller


Interdisciplinary Fine Art

The idea was to create art from sections of the discarded, severed, strips I saw fall to the floor from the guillotine at college.

To use the pieces cut off from the whole of an image; neglected; unwanted and cast aside as ‘Trash’. To glue the pieces together to create a new whole that functions to express a new form… A form that others may see and interpret as aesthetically pleasing, even beautiful, somehow… To bring the subtle edges of colour together…To reconnect the fragmented pieces… To recompose the disarticulated sections of one image to engender another.
To ultimately show that no matter how insignificant or ‘small’ you may consider yourself to be… you can still bring your detached & splintered pieces to a place where they can come together into a cohesive whole… To manifest a new configuration and give rise to a new way of being.

Thank you for looking at my work. I hope it has resonated with you on some level.