Grace McGuigan


Surface and Form

Through the weeks
For this body of work, I was drawn to line and shape within my local built environment. I was keen to capture what for many people is considered mundane, and instead use mixed media collagé to show negative space in its full glory.
Throughout this project, the way that I observed negative space changed: with reduced opportunity to get out and about I only had what was on my immediate doorstep to work with.
With this challenge, I found that negative space provided me some sense of clarity and definition whilst we are all in this perplexing time. I scrutinized the details of buildings, as a way of adding more abstract elements into my work before putting it together with the limited resources I had available. I was also keen to couple my work with the emotions that I have felt during this time, capturing the highs and lows, the frustration, the sadness, the panic and boredom amongst the blur of a global pandemic. I hope that the layers of textured materials and shapes amongst quieter areas of space provide a correlation to some of the emotions we have all felt through the weeks.